grapefruit oolong iced pouch 12 count bag

grapefruit oolong iced pouch 12 count bag

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A wake up call to the senses! Our Grapefruit Oolong is invigorating both in scent as well as taste. This blend of premium Taiwan oolong tea and grapefruit is fantastic choice for an afternoon respite, or anytime you need a citrus-infused pick-me-up. Zesty and warming, full boded and slightly dry finish. Refreshingly aromatic.

Ingredients & Lore

Blended With Oolong Tea, Natural Grapefruit Flavor, Orange & Marigold Flowers   

Each quart pouch contains 10 grams of tea. Makes 32 ounces each. We Offer A Wide Range Of Items From Apparel To Premium Tea , Toys , Homes Goods And More.