An affiliate is someone looking for another source of income. The average person looking to make extra money to pay bills or build a monthly income so they can quit their day job. Or a content creator looking for income to support them while they continue to make content for others and to build a monthly income. 

   To become an affiliate you must get an affiliate account . You can do this yourself OR WE can do it for you. If you want to do it yourself just click the link that says Affiliate home page at the bottom of this page.  You will be sent to the affiliate home page where you can sign up. Click signup and it will take you to the sign up page and just fill out the blanks.  For help you can read the frequently asked questions  or email us at thexmworld@yahoo.com  . At this time you do not need a phone number or social security number _ just fill in with random numbers.

    Or we can create an account for you and email you when it is ready and the login page link. You simply email us the info that you would put in the spaces such as : username ( can be anything . even you first and last name ) , choose a password you want to use.  Your email address , name and address , and how you want to get paid. Either check/money order or paypal or other payment method if needed. A tax id number or ssn can be added at a later time.

Non US residents do not need this. Since you do not pay US taxes.  IF you did it yourself then email me us that your account is ready. Then once your account is created either by you or US we will: Create your profile page on our site along with your affiliate link for people to click so you can start earning money. You would simply email us some info for this page For example why you are looking to make money , what you plan to use it for like to pay bills or vacation ETC. Or if you are a content creator and what kind of content you create. Example youtube videos or instagram posts and what you plan to do with the money and so on. How you are and so on.

   We can also post on your profile page links to your content so people can check it out. OR where to find your content.  THIS PROFILE PAGE is what you promote to people in order to get commissions on your customers.  FINALLY you have the option to sign up other affiliates under you and make money off their efforts.